Kerala weather

Kerala is a beautiful state blessed with plenty of natural beauty for residents and tourist to savour and enjoy. Being a tropical region brings in a whole lot of beauty with a moderate temperature not going in extremes the whole year round. There is not a great diversity in climate unlike the plains that are too hot in summers and too cold in winters. The average annual rainfall in Kerala annually is twice that of Tamil Nadu and thrice times that of Karnataka. So there are no dry spells in the state. We bring to you details of the weather in Kerala in all the seasons round the year.

Kerala Weather in winters

The pink winters fall in November in Kerala making the weather cooler. The real winter chill sets from December till the end of February. The chill is although not the real chill that people experience in northern India. The hill stations along the Western Ghats in Kerala become misty, freezing and sometimes experience showers too. The temperature in these areas drops to as low as 10 degree Celsius. This temperature is not prevalent in all parts of Kerala. The other areas of Kerala have a moderate cold temperature.

Weather in Kerala in summers

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The summer season starts in Kerala by the end of February and lasts till May. Temperature is quite high in April and May. The tropical sun is quite hot in its own way and its heat cannot be compared to that of the Northern India or the plains. The plains experience dry hot summers whereas the weather in Kerala in summers is hot and humid. The temperature goes from 22 degree Celsius to as high as 32 degree Celsius, which again is not much as compared to the northern India. The maximum temperature recorded here in Kerala has been 37 degree Celsius.

Weather in Kerala in south west monsoon

The south west monsoon sets by the end of May or in the beginning of June and goes till September. If we move towards north of Kerala it seems to gain its intensity. The Peerumedu in Idukki and Vaithiri-Kuttiyadi range in Malabar receive the highest rainfall in this wether in Kerala. The southern areas of Kerala the monsoon is around 40 per cent and in northern parts it is around 80 per cent.

Kerala weather in north east monsoon

The north east monsoon sets in October and with not heavy showers lasts till December. The Kanjirappalli-Peerumedu range and the Kuttiyadi area in Kerala receive heavy showers. In the northern parts of Kerala barely 10 per cent of the annual rainfall happens.